Güero (colloquial) (Mexico) (Central America) – pronounced “huero” or “weddo”
Spanish slang for a white person or a Latino who has lighter skin. Often used as a term of endearment or an informal way of saying “whitey” or “blondie” in Spanish. 
In the film Don Felipe, Phillip Rose is hoodwinked into paying the wily agent Terry Jordan’s debt to the mob by hitting the road and signing autographs. Along the way Jordan has the idea of selling Güero ® merchandise to help pay the debt down quicker. The hats and t-shirts here will be used in the movie.


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Guero hatGuero hat blackGuero hat

Available in Black and Blue (adjustable back) $24.99 plus S&H


Guero T Shirt 3                         Guero T Shirt back

$19.99 plus S&H (available in M, L, XL)